rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I watched from the Safeway parking lot as the crescent moon emerged in cloudy sky. Then I went shopping. It was the most exciting thing to happen for days. Now that the oaks have shed their leaves, on clear nights I get a view of the moon for an extra hour, but it's too cold to stay out that long. The leaves which had collected on the roof have been removed, and the lawn has been fully raked, so everything is looking very tidy and dull. My brain is feeling very dull, too, though surely not tidy. It may need exercise. I don't feel like providing it. I need to get out more. Then maybe my ambition wouldn't seize up as much as it's been doing.

Here's this: The Grand Avenue Plan. My native city deludes itself yet again. I just wish that planners would learn to masturbate in private.

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