rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Movment Becomes Electric

My neck wants to go out (not in the night-on-the-town sense, but in the one-vertebra-losing-its-grip-on-another sense.) I attribute this in part to the reduction in exercise I invariably suffer when the season of short, cold days comes around, and in part to the fact that I've just removed a tree from my room (not a tree inexplicably growing through the floor, nor a tree recently killed as a sacrifice to Wotan and then cunningly disguised as a tribute to Jesus, but rather a tree which has been turned into paper and printed on.) It's not good to do a lot of lifting and carrying after a couple of weeks of mostly sedentary behavior. Sitting in front of the computer for too long isn't helping, either. I hope this doesn't mean a trip to the chiropractor for a neck adjustment. I don't mind the chiropractic adjustments of my back-- in fact I actually enjoy most of them-- but I really hate getting my neck worked on, even though my chiropractor is a well-regarded neck-yanking specialist. It just feels kind of icky. Well, at least I've gotten all that obsolete printed matter out of my way.

To nobody's surprise, it's still cold here, though the sun was out all day. We didn't have a particularly wintry winter last year, so I guess we have to make up for that now. I don't know how prepared I am, psychologically, for a long, cold winter. Some of them make me want to crawl into a cave with a bear and just sleep. Others piss me off because I have to wear so many uncomfortable layers of clothes and sleep under so many encumbering blankets. I do hope there are no massive snowfalls this year, though. Those are the worst.

Midnight snack now, I think.

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