rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Sky Is Falling!

Much Decembery bluster being displayed, I'm quite distracted. Most of the mulberry's leaves now carpet the lawn, so my window view reveals a large swath of steely gray sky from which the torrents descend, as well as the work of the wind which makes the tall pines bend like saplings. The wind also brings to my room the smell of wood smoke that I see rising from chimneys across the street, and now and then sends a splatter of raindrops against the pane, speckling the view. As captivated as myself, the cat sits on the sill, staring out at the storm, perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of the bird we can hear above the noise of wind and rain, emitting high, sharp chirps. It's a perfect beginning for December.

The splendid scene is not the only thing causing me to be unfocused. A bit of my distraction is due to lack of sleep. While I slept, the power was off for a while. I woke, and lacking the cue of light on this dark day, squinted at my electric clock, which appeared to say that it was already four in the afternoon. I stumbled to the kitchen and prepared an orange, and then saw the mail truck go by, terribly late, as I thought. Then I saw the non-electric clock in the living room, which said 12:55. I re-checked the clock in my room, and it was at 11:20. In a fit of analog confusion, I had mistaken the minute hand for the hour hand. Had the power not been off, my first glance at my clock would have misled me into thinking it was only about ten in the morning, and I would have immediately gone back to sleep. So, I've had only five hours of sleep. It's like being just a bit baked.

Now I must tear myself from the scene. It is time to cook something.

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