rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Invasion of the Music Snatchers!

Podcasting is getting more common all the time. Being on dial-up, I seldom download music, and podcasts of course take even longer than individual song files. But it looks as though once I get a high speed connection, I'm going to have a goatload of podcasts to choose from. In anticipation, I've been reading a bit about what's going on in podcasting. One interesting source of information, particularly about the legal ramifications of podcasting, is the weblog of Colette Vogele from The Center for Internet and Society, at Stanford. She's in the process of creating a legal guide for podcasters, to be posted on The Center's web site in early December.

One interesting link she posted was to The Association of Music Podcasting, which maintains a small music library of mostly independent acts who allow free use of their work to podcasters, and links to a few dozen podcasters who belong to their organization. Somewhat more ambiguous is IndieFeed, which generates a lot of podcasts of its own, but I can't tell if they provide content for other podcasters to use. A lot of stuff on their list is from bands whose names I recognize, and I suspect much of it is covered by conventional copyright, but other stuff appears to be available under Creative Commons licenses.

Both the record industry and the radio industry are worried about podcasting. They should be. They are in a similar position to that of the manufacturers of ice boxes and the producers and distributors of ice at the time the electric refrigerator became widely available and fairly economical. A lot of them probably won't survive the transition. It's going to be interesting to see how events unfold over the next few years.

A bit of haze formed overnight, and by early light I see a few clouds drifting about. The days might soon return to a more autumnal cast, just in time for the beginning of the annual chaos of the shopping season. I'm unlikely to be doing any shopping myself, so I can sit back and enjoy the gray and rainy days to come.

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