rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

What Happens When a Bell Rings

My brain is freezing me out today. It goes away and does something else while I'm trying to use it. When I try to get it back, it crashes. It's behaving like Internet Exploder. Fortunately, fabulist provided us with something to read about infinity, pi, and the evil children who attempt to devour it. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it's about. As I said, my brain is freezing me out. I think it's because my sleep is now being frequently interrupted. My next door dog growls and snuffles during its frequent attempts to struggle over the fence, and thuggish neighbor decides to ride up and down the block on his noisy miniature clown bike at least twice a day. Interrupted sleep makes it difficult for me to concentrate on the ideas that pop into my head. It feels like the inside of my head is resonating from having been struck by an unidentified notion. Then I can't write. When I can't write, it's nice to at least have something to read.

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