rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The night was full of that kind of wind that never gets very strong, but never stops blowing. From the time the cricket fell silent, through the hours when the pale half moon was rising and crossing half the sky, until the time the woodpeckers began to chatter in the gray morning light, the pines shivered and moaned. I didn't want to return to the house to do my usual tasks. Each time I did, I realized how stuffy it has become. I hope it gets warm enough to open the windows today. This stultifying indoor atmosphere is the thing I most dislike about autumn. I envy the cats their warm fur.

Update: Oh, and all those missing LJ comment notifications? LJ's fault. My ISP sure isn't blocking them, regardless of what any other ISPs may be doing. LJ just isn't sending them.

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