rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday is Dull

Thuggish neighbor has acquired one of those noisy little motorbikes with tiny wheels, and has spent half an hour or so each of the past few days riding it up and down the block. This would be more entertaining if he were wearing a clown outfit (clowns and tiny things being a natural combination.) As it is, the only thing that compensates for the annoyance is the prospect that he might fall over. He wears no helmet.

New neighbors' dog escaped again today. They still haven't figured out that he can climb over the gate. They seem to think that he forces it open and then it closes behind him by itself. I'm now thinking that maybe the dog will escape while thuggish neighbor is riding his little bike and knock him off of it. That would be interesting. Especially if the dog then dug a hole and buried the bike, and/or thuggish neighbor. Something needs to be done to liven up the dull weekends around here.

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