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In the east, Indian Summer is a period of mild weather that comes after the first frost. Here, autumn frosts are an extremely rare occurrence, so Indian Summer is any period in the fall when it gets warmer than it has recently been. We had a few chilly days a while back, so I guess that everything since has been Indian Summer. This afternoon, shirtless guys were out riding bikes and playing basketball while the streets were still paved with golden mounds of fallen pine needles. Now, I smell meat being barbecued. Shortest fall ever.

Venus was improbably bright this evening, and hanging around with some small star, which, bright enough to show before full darkness had arrived was actually quite large and brilliant, but seemed small next to the unwinking glare of the planet. They've both vanished behind the pines now, so I no longer get the feeling that a flying train is approaching when I look in that direction. The action has shifted to the east, where the moon is rising to flood the woodlands with light. I'm going out to watch it and enjoy the unexpected balminess. Had I known the night would be so warm, I'd have made some iced tea this afternoon.

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