rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Barf Barf Barf!

They have dogs. The hair-challenged primates who have infested the house next door, I mean. There are at least two dogs, not of small, yappy varieties, but of big, booming-voiced varieties. One (a rottweiler, I think), to the great surprise of its primate, just managed to escape the fenced back yard through the simple means of climbing over the gate. The primate, on returning from some jaunt in one of those small pickup trucks which is used by unknowingly bad drivers to weave through traffic, discovering that the secretly dominant beast had chosen to leave its inadequate confinement, queried the dog as to how it had escaped. The dog, clearly smarter than the primate, kept its secret. The primate returned the dog to the yard (with what was an undoubtedly ineffectual scolding) and spent a moment fiddling about with the (undoubtedly sound) gate latch. Dog 1, primate 0. I see a slaughter in the offing. Never trust a dog that pretends to be less intelligent than its supposed owner.

Damn. Now I have to worry about my cat.

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