rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain 1, Toes 0

I had to go out in the rain to take the trash bin to the street. Now I'm wet, because my hoodie jacket leaks. My shoes leak, too, so my feet are also wet. Maybe this will be the proverbial time I catch my death of cold. That's a phrase I must have heard a thousand times when I was a kid. I would get wet nevertheless, and I'm still not dead, but the scold sits there in the back of my mind, waiting to be summoned by each event such as this. It's the triumph of conditioning over experience. I can almost feel myself wheezing my last breath.

To fend off mortality, I've got the heater vent open and my toes stuck right over it. I have a vague memory of being told that this was not good for me either, but the absence of a specific phrase of warning prevents me from worrying about it. It feels nice, so I do it. Anyway, the cat has been doing this for years and she's still around, so how dangerous can it be? But then, she also eats freshly killed vermin and licks her butt and takes no apparent harm. I don't think I'd enjoy those things as much as I enjoy feeling the heat soak into my damp toes. Some things cats do are good to emulate, and some things they do aren't.

I'm blathering. I wonder if that indicates the onset of fever? I'd better take some pills and go to bed (under a thick pile of blankets), just in case.

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