rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Dusk began early and lasted for hours. All the extended gloaming, a furious downpour of cool rain fell, making the roof a drum, needling the slick pavement, weighting the pine branches until they drooped and dripped like the shoulders of an exhausted, sweating boxer. Now, the rain applauds itself long after dim day has faded and darkness has concealed the saturated world. This will probably go on all night.

The cat has finally settled down to nap, after being restless for hours because the rain made it impossible for her to go on her usual evening walkabout. She needs kitty rain gear. I could use some rain gear myself. My coat with the hoodie is worn out, and has developed holes in strategic places. I could use a pair of boots, too. Then I could go watch the streams swell. I'll bet they're swelling nicely tonight. If I'm patient, maybe one will come to my street. I wouldn't be surprised. This is the wettest it's been here in ages.

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