rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Strange Things on teh Internets

Googling to double-check the exact quote to use in my previous entry, I came across a discussion forum on Pope's verses, and in the midst of it (from June 14th, 2005) there was this peculiar outburst, irrelevant to the discussion and unacknowledged by the other participants:
"You are so cool Will! I love you so much you are my inspiration! You are my hope and dream! I love you my true hope and dream is world peace.You should come meet me at the white House ! Right now till independence day the 4th of July ! I sooo despretely miss you!I wish you would come and say hi to me! I would love to give you a big hug and if you were in the house I would find a way in so I could give you some real lovin.I told them to send Tony Blair home and bring you back instead and abolish parlament forever.You need to come and meet me its about time we were together forever Will will you marry me? We could be kings and Queens and have a palace forever.Did you hear the good news? Very extreemley good news? They voted no on a new European constituion. The revolution didnt make it that far and hopefully soon someday the revolution will all end forever and we will the King and Queen of England forever and live in the buckingham palace.I wish..I wish I lived in the Palace! I wish I lived in a palace at all.The Palace will always be there dont worry about it peace world peace.Bush is a very good president he is so nice he will end the revolution I just know it everything is going to be fine if we can get some peace around here.You are my love light please dont let me down.We must meet as soon as possible its so time we are together when will we ever meet? Today in D.C.? Come here and see me.Go home Blair and bring back Prince Will my love I love you so much! I always have and Im sure always will sorry for everything even though Im a bit upset at you right now for all the caos your causing the world getting me kicked out of the world.Peace Prince Will peace and Ill love you always and forever you are my inspiration hopes be a good King Im so trusting in you! I love you be good family and try to be nice to me.Come see me now come see me come see me I love you will love Will!! Send Blair home and bring back prince Will!!"

Presumably, "heaven" (the user name of the poster) is a young girl in the early stages of schizophrenia, obsessed with Prince William of England. I was reminded of Saint Becky Silverstein (it's how she signed her name), a woman who used to put up photocopies of handwritten pages of her odd rants all around downtown Los Angeles. I was always fascinated by them, and by Saint Becky's peculiar view of reality. There's often something oddly medieval about the un-medicated schizophrenic's world view, perhaps induced by early exposure to fairy tales and romantic costume movies.

It was especially odd to come across this piece in an Internet forum, sitting there amid utterly unrelated posts. It was like one of Saint Becky's photocopies stuck to the wall of one of the staid banks or busy department stores of Los Angeles, ignored by the passing crowds. It made me a bit sad.

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