rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Wetness

Well, that was annoying. Opera crashed. I think that it might have been because, while writing an entry, I was loading content from this web site in another tab. Helen K. Garber is a photographer who does noirish black and whites. I'd like to see them, but her web site is a bit too web-designery, and appears not to approve of Opera. It's like, all murderous.

Anyway (as I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted), it's been raining all night again, and the cat is annoyed. I think she's nagging me to make it stop. She wants out, but goes reluctantly, then wants back in soon, spends a few minutes roaming from one room to another, than nags to go back out again, probably in the mistaken belief that I've had time to fix the leak. Poor kitty. She'll just have to be patient until Saturday, when it is expected to clear. In the meantime, she may be distraught, but I'm not tired of the rain yet, and continue to enjoy it. It's so calming that I haven't even thrown a fit over my lost entry.


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