rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sleepy and Dopey, Doc.

It has turned cold, and I have begun to sleep more. Maybe I'm picking up stray DNA from my cats, or maybe I've been possessed by a bear and begun to hibernate. Of course, it might just be that the bed is so cozy and warm on these chilly days nearing winter that I have no desire to wake up. Or the light of the sun may just not be bright enough to wake me up. But practical explanations are nowhere near as interesting as picking up cat DNA or being possessed by a bear, so I think I'll stick with one of those. In any case, what it all adds up to is a lot less time for other things, such as writing. So, there might be les of me here, until I become accustomed to the winter. Only a month until the solstice. ::yawn:: Where'd I put that honey pot?

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