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The whole day gray and rainy, I kept waking up to listen to it. The first time I woke up, I squinted at the clock and though it said 3:45, but after I managed to barely drag myself out of bed, I realized that it was only 9:15. I need a clock with bigger hands. In fact, I've long wanted a giant clock on my ceiling, with hands three or four feet long, so I don't have to sit up or put on glasses to see what time it is.

But each time I woke, the soft sound of rain quickly put me back to sleep. It's been a long time since we've had a rain loud enough to do that. It's been a cold rain, too, and I expect the foliage to accelerate its change of color. The oaks will go from green and brown to gold and brown, and the dogwoods from deep red to bright red. The maples are already vivid, and there is more yellow on the mulberry each day. Only the walnut remains entirely green.

I finally woke up for good when the acorn woodpeckers decided to raise a commotion in my yard. They have enjoyed the first good rain of the year as much as I have, and spent the late afternoon flying about and chattering at one another. The rain has now stopped, but everything is damp, and I still hear the trees dripping. Darkness has concealed the liquid beads which decorated the leaves and the few late flowers which are still blooming. If the sky clears, the night will grow very cold. It's time to dig out the winter coat.

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