rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Poor Sacramento keeps getting sunny days, while in the northerly mountains we get all these nice clouds. Both sunrise and sunset today featured highly decorative displays with vivid color. Even with some cloudiness, the day was warm, and white butterflies visited the flowers along the fence (sinister neighbor has planted some sort of tall flowering plant which produces multi-colored blossoms in autumn.) The dogwoods grow redder and the oaks more brown, and the footsteps of passersby taking their evening walks are cushioned by a thick carpet of pine needles. Everything is softened. Raked clean of leaves, my lawn fully reveals the greening brought by the recent rain and the mild days. More mild days are ahead, the current crop of clouds being more an aesthetic than a practical feature. In spare moments, I'll be able to sit in the yard and watch the squirrels gather the plentiful acorns. October is being very nice to us.

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