rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


That was nice. It was just a little chunk out of the edge. When I first saw it, I thought it was a thick spot of cloud, but it failed to move as clouds do, and I knew it must be an eclipse. If the cat hadn't wanted to go out at that time, I'd probably have missed it altogether. The moon was right at that level at which, if I stand in the right spot, I can make it appear to balance on the utility wire. If I then bounce up and down on my toes, I can make it look as though the moon is bouncing on the wire. It's good exercise, too. The only problem is that staring at the full moon (even in partial eclipse) causes madness. I've found that my limit for staring at the moon before going mad is about fourteen minutes. If I bounce, that cuts it down to about eight minutes-- plus, my calves get sore.

Anyway, that took up much of my free time this morning, and I'll now be quite mad for an indeterminate period. Best if I say no more. They might be listening. (Los pollos no tienen ninguna silla.)

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