rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nice Out

Something disturbed a squirrel in the middle of the night and set him barking for a few minutes. Maybe something grabbed his nuts. (Oh, crap, I'm doing Letterman's jokes!) I had to close my window a couple of hours ago, as my fingers were getting numb from the cold air drifting in. It's so nice to have actual cold air again-- the memory of a hellish summer is still clear enough that I can appreciate the change. A few months hence, I'm sure I'll feel differently, but for now I enjoy it. It continues to be clear, too, and once the moon set (plain yellow tonight, rather than the vivid orange of recent hazy nights), taking with it the tufted shadows and flecks of glitter decorating the pines, the stars provided a pleasing aerial display for my contemplation. I'm acutely aware of the rapid approach of October's mid-point, which leaves me loath to spend more than a minimal time indoors. These most pleasant nights are few, and not to be squandered on mere virtuality. There'll be plenty of time for teh Internets when deep winter comes.

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