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Daylight Saving Time will be ending soon, and it will be broad daylight by this time of day. I'm enjoying the late darkness while I may. I'm also enjoying the late evening light while I may. I wish they would just make Daylight Time last all year. It would be much simpler.

No deer visited tonight, as far as I know. Each time I went out, it was just me and a bit of wind and a few acorns and pine cones crashing down. Oh, and the owl. I figure the owl is hanging around because the acorns and pine nuts are attracting a bunch of nocturnal rodents, too quiet for me to hear, but audible and visible to the hungry owl. Sometimes I'm glad I can't see what's going on out there at night.

There has been more activity at the vacant house next door lately. Yesterday, there was a power saw set up in the garage, making a racket much of the afternoon. The cat was even more distressed by this than I was. She stayed at the far end of the yard until the intruders departed late in the evening. She'll be very annoyed when someone actually moves in to the place.

I was thinking about the odd names celebrities have been giving their kids lately; Gwennie and that roadie from Coldplay calling their daughter Apple, Nick Cage and whoever the hell he's with calling their son Kal-El. I wonder what Tom and Katie will call their kid? I hope it isn't Elronh. If I were a fan of weird names for kids, I'd suggest Turkey Baster Cruise, but that would be cruel, wouldn't it?

I need sleep.

Oh, and the second set of batteries I recharged in my Radio Shack battery recharger only lasted a half hour before the mouse ate them. I don't know if one of the batteries is faulty, or both are, or if the recharger is faulty. I suppose I'll have to arrange to take the lot in to the store to find out. For now, a pair of trusty Ray-O-Vac Maximum Acalines [sic] are doing the job the Radio Shack nickle-metal hydride rechargeables couldn't.

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