rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hypochondriac's Lament

The morning haze is nice, and has produced a colorful pre-sunrise of lavender and pink. The haze in my head, is not so nice. It has produced a near inability to use the keyboard. About every third word has a typo, capitalizations are missing, or are present where they don't belong, and my punctuation is inexplicable. If I write about the fact that deer visited three times last night, it will take forever to correct my mistakes. It's the onset of West Nile Virus, I'm sure. I'll try to sleep it off, but I expect to be dead by Wednesday. At least I got to see Safety Last one final time before I died. Not that it will make any difference when my corpse is rotting in the ground.

Also: Ware-Rabbit's revenge? Wallace and Gromit archives destroyed in warehouse fire. At least the movie is doing well.

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