rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There's just a bit less than half a moon tonight. If the autumn haze which has lingered over the valley for the last few nights remains, then at moonset it will look like a big segment of an orange hanging on the horizon. An orange orange segment. It bothers me a bit that English uses exactly the same word for the fruit and the color. I prefer the Spanish words, naranja and anaranjado. They are differentiated. They roll nicely. They can each be rhymed. I also like the way Spanish differentiates between a live fish, pez, and fish on a plate, pescado, which is the past participle of the verb pescar, to fish. Fish and fished. I wonder if the people who named Pez, the candy, knew what the name meant in Spanish? Fish candy. Ech.

I'm babbling. An hour got sucked out of my evening by an unexpected task, and I've yet to get my rhythm back. Oh, more stuff to do now. Later, my brain will come back, I think.

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