rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The thin crescent moon appeared for a while last evening, very near Venus, then went to hide in the pine trees. Thus, I was unable to see the deer when they came to visit a bit later. I listened to their hooves. Oddly, they never seem to step on leaves-- at least I don't recall ever having heard any leaves crunching under their feet, even on those nights when the leaves are thick on the ground. Maybe they are careful so they will know that if they hear a leaf crunch, it isn't just another deer.

An unusual scent has been coming from the heating vent when the furnace comes on. It's a bit like a spice-scented candle, and sometimes almost like a cinnamon roll. Of course, it might be another one of my olfactory hallucinations, but whatever it is, it's rather pleasant, despite the fact that it gives me the munchies.

One would think that, having lost sleep three days in a row, I'd be out like a carp by this time of the morning. Nope. It's those unintentional naps induced by dull television shows. They make up just enough of my lost sleep to keep me awake until the sun comes up. Not good.

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