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Things Fall Apart [Oct. 2nd, 2005|08:38 pm]
My e-mail service isn't working, and I can't call and nag them because it's Sunday night and they aren't answering the phones. I sent myself a test message from Excite, and I'm waiting to see if it gets bounced back as undeliverable. That would mean that everything sent to me for the last several hours, at least, is gone. Computers. Feh. I'm not surprised, though. Things have been going wrong from the minute I got up today (too late, again.) I have the feeling that I ought to go hide under the bed for a few hours, until whatever storm of fate's malice is now passing has ended. I'd watch television, but I'm sure I'd see something that would give me nightmares-- or else the tube will blow out. I need to take a shower, and I'm fully expecting either to be scalded, or to have the hot water run out before I rinse the soap off. At least the food poisoning I probably got from dinner has not yet begun to effect me. Too bad I don't have Sluggo to blame anymore.

So, how was your day?

Update: It was bounced, so it's likely they've bounced everything that came today. There will be harsh words tomorrow.