rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I woke up way too late again. This was partly because, early this morning, I couldn't resist the temptation to sweep the mass of crumbly oak leaves from the back patio. This I did slowly, relishing the sound of the leaves skittering across the concrete and the smell of the oaken dust which arose from them. The task might have been left until afternoon, but I feared that someone would beat me to it, so I did it in the gray morning twilight before anyone else awoke. I'm selfish that way sometimes.

The clouds have gone away, and the day was warm. Last night's almost-storm was a fluke. The fact that it was a storm from the south, full of tropical air, means that the cold front which followed it wasn't all that cold. It was odd to have a storm of such spring-like warmth when the ground is already strewn with fallen leaves. It made it feel as though I hadn't finished cleaning up at the end of the previous fall. I felt for a while as though I had been woolgathering for an entire winter.

Sometimes when I'm out walking, my mind wanders from the present path for a while, to examine the past, or some imaginary world, then returns to me after I've gone some distance, and I look around and wonder how I got there without seeing anything along the way. The most disturbing thing is that I seldom remember the content of the woolgathering episode itself, so I end up having missed two events. On the bright side, thus far I've never felt evidence of having been anally probed while my mind was AWOL. Thank heaven for small favors, huh?

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