rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A hot day is not so bad when it follows a few cool days, and when I know their kind aren't likely to continue long. Tonight, the insects, including that one persistent cricket who inhabits the yard next door, are sounding off again. The early stars have bloomed, though they are dimmed by a high haze which has formed. The wind which enlivened the afternoon and kept the sky clear has fallen silent. The waning moon will not rise until midnight has passed.

My dad spilled some water on the stove this evening, and now the signal which indicates ignition of the burners won't stop clicking. It sounds like a stoned hipster is in my kitchen, constantly snapping his fingers to some slow music I can't hear. I don't know how many hours it will be until the mechanism dries out and shuts up. I guess I'll be spending more time outdoors tonight, just to get away from the noise.

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