rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yesterday, Last Night

The day, brisk and breezy, quickly passed. At dusk, the porch light of the house at the closed end of the block came on. An amber globe, its light conspired with chilly air and the skittering of breeze-blown leaves to summon thoughts of Halloween. Though still several weeks off, its season has surely arrived. Deepening, night was full of hidden things making sounds. Freshened gusts hurled acorns to roof and earth, their crashes and clatters and thuds punctuating the constant rustle of leaves and moan of bent pines. Some night bird shrieked and a startled dog barked. Wind snatched a precariously leaned rake or broom somewhere and smacked it against cement.

Stirred, low branches strummed board fences, and the hurried, dry oak leaves scraped the street until, though few as yet, they sounded like a rushing stream. Long hours later, the half moon rose, stalked by Orion's vague form. Then, as though calmed by the moon's pale light, the wind stilled and the hushed night was revealed, serene, a garden of creeping shadow rarely stirred by brief renascent breezes. Autumn has arrived by night, determined to claim the woods and fields and to shred summer's green and brown cloak to tatters. I acknowledge the new season's mastery by donning a sweater of black, deep red and rust. Let past bright days be blown away, the time has come to revel in decay.

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