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Are to-do lists related to mushrooms? I'm just wondering, because they grow like mushrooms. Eliminate one thing and half a dozen more pop up in its place. The to-be-done things of the world show evidence of being endless. I begin to suspect that it is a mistake to put them on lists. It just encourages them. They get swollen heads and become very demanding, like two-year-old kids.

After spending a couple of hours out in the cool night, my cat came in and curled up on the couch next to the computer desk and went to sleep. A short time later I got the munchies, so I went to the kitchen and all I could find was a package of Kraft I-Can-Definitely-Believe-It's-Not-Cheese cheese-like slices. I ate a couple of slices and returned to my room. The cat immediately woke up and began sniffing. She is now staring at me and guilt-purring me, convinced that I have some tasty treat that I'm not sharing with her. She loves the fake food. I suppose I'll break down and fetch some more so she can have a bit of it. Otherwise her plaintive look will give me bad dreams.

It seems quite likely to me that Rita is pissed off at a certain person for having slighted her sister Katrina, ignoring her for so many days when she was doing her best to attract his attention, and now Rita is bent on teaching this person a lesson by going to his ranch and raising hell. Samantha, Thelma, Ursula, Vanessa, Wilma, Xena, Yolanda and Zelda are undoubtedly keeping a close eye on the situation, just in case they're needed.

The Autumnal Equinox is here at last. That time of year now draws nigh when I am most apt to be unexpectedly abducted by some apparent stranger who, I discover with surprise, inhabits my head. Most often it turns out not to have been a stranger after all, but some alternate self I've long forgotten. Fall usually brings a surprise or two. I'm not expecting one today, though. Today, I'm fairly sure, will be very much like yesterday. My head feels empty for now. Maybe sleep will fill it with something, but I doubt it.

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