rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Vast arcs of cloud ride north like lines of breakers. Vapors drift across Orion, too, and cause Mars to dim and brighten. The moon remains free of them. The air hasn't cooled off as much tonight as it did last night, and the insects are still buzzing as dawn nears. Summer is making one last push against fall, which begins Thursday. The heat won't bother me now, though. I know it's almost over. Even the sweltering days of July and August are fading from my memory. Having survived those, how could mere September intimidate me?

Korean/Brazilian/American designer Ji Lee has an interesting project going. He has printed 50,000 speech bubble stickers and placed them on ads, movie posters and signs around New York City, inviting passersby to fill them in. Then he goes back and photographs the results and posts the photographs to his web site. I was reminded by this of the things we used to do to our Pee-Chee folders when I was in high school. Mine were invariably covered with speech bubbles, as well as modifications of the various illustrations. I recall my Freshman year folders as being particularly rude and filled with double-entendres. I'm sure they were nowhere near as funny as I thought they were at the time. Still, I wish I'd saved one or two of them.

I think I need to stay up for a while today and call AOhelL, to cancel the six month free trial that came with the new computer (the 28th is the billing day.) They are sometimes reluctant to let the suckers customers go, I've heard, and sometimes multiple calls are necessary. At the very least, I'll probably have to endure some long, whiny, lie-filled sales pitch. I hope I don't have to stay on the phone for too long, though. My schedule is screwed up enough as it is.

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