rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


All day, there was coming and going by workmen of various sorts at the long-vacant house next door. No for-sale sign has appeared, so perhaps the intent of whoever now owns it is to keep it, either to live in or to rent out. If they intend to sell, they need to get their act together. The real estate market in Sacramento is already showing softness, and the market in this town is considerably less dynamic than that of the region's metropolis. Having the house on the market would be better for me at this point, though, as the growing weakness of the bubble means that it is apt to remain unsold and vacant for several more months, unless the sellers price it well below its supposed current market value. If they rent it out, or move in themselves, I could have neighbors again by next week. I'm going to miss the peace and privacy, and my cat will surely miss the extra quarter acre of territory she has come to think of as her own during the long years the house has been uninhabited.

This afternoon, we had the rare experience of loud thunder and bright sunshine. Last night, it was silent lightning flashing in the nearly cloudless sky, and today the few thunderheads clinging to the mountains let out great, rolling booms (which sounded as though they originated no more than a mile or two away) for over an hour while we basked in constant sunlight. No a drop of rain fell. It was quite splendid.

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