rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cooling at last

Vapor asserts itself more each day. The clouds gather earlier, shading the afternoon, cover a greater expanse of sky, the tumbling masses riding north, vagrant afternoon and evening light wandering here and there to turn the insubstantial ramparts briefly white, then pink or mauve. By nightfall, all the sky looks bruised, and the crescent moon is utterly obscured. Today, I closed a window during daylight for the first time in months. The afternoon breeze that billowed the drapes had gone decidedly crisp.

But it's a splendid time to be outdoors, listening to the rustle of leaves and of dry, brown grass that waves and ripples and reflects the light as windblown water does. I watch the suddenly motile sky, and absorb the invigorating chill of the animated air. Summer seems to have been foreshortened, as though its extravagant display of heat had brought its premature exhaustion. Perhaps summer is merely catching its torrid breath, but for now the land gives every evidence of being caught in the rapid onset of an early autumn. I am filled with tentative delight.

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