rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Damp

It has almost but not quite rained all night. Very few drops fall, but parts of the the ground have been damp for hours, and the air is full of the smell of wet grass and trees. It is deliciously cool. The clouds are a bit more persistent than they were last night, and look as though they will linger past dawn. Still, I'm not expecting them to bring a real rain. These are September tease clouds.

I accidentally kicked the cat when I went out to fetch the paper in the dark. She still hasn't realized that I don't have her night vision. My punishment was an hour of the kitty sulks, featuring very pointed refusals to acknowledge my presence. Eventually she got hungry and decided that I was acceptable company once more.

Flipping around the TV dial, I stumbled on the beginning of a 1930 melodrama called The Truth About Youth which was on TCM this morning. I was quite flabbergasted when, in one of the early scenes, Loretta Young enters the scene wearing what I can only consider the most subliminally obscene costume I've ever seen in a movie. It was a dress with a penis!

It was a fabric penis, of course, but it grew directly from the crotch of the dress, and was even surmounted by a bit of dark, dense ruffle which suggested nothing other than pubic hair. The penis itself, dense near the crotch, gave way to a mass of sheer cloth that was rather tassel-like, and extended down to the hem of the dress. It was an astonishing sight, made more astonishing by the fact that, otherwise, the dress was of a quite ordinary type for the period. There also appeared to be a running gay gag about three of the male characters in the movie. I didn't watch the whole thing, despite its campy appeal, as I had other things to do. If it's ever on again, when I have more time, I might watch the whole thing. I have no doubt that the script was truly terrible, though.

Continuing: Just when I thought that Michael Brown had no talent whatsoever for anything at all, it turns out that he knows how to pad a resume.

I have another new LJ icon... for me to poop on!

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