rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The day passed as days do this time of year, languidly, and evening brought another thickening of the clouds. As yet there has been no shower of raindrops such as we enjoyed last night, but it might yet come. Those unidentified late-summer insects are emitting their constant trill, making it very difficult to pick out the rhythmic chirps of the few remaining crickets.

It is a relief to have the windows open earlier in the evening, now that the most torrid days of summer have passed. Though having them open earlier cools the place but slowly, at least a bit of fresh air can enter the stuffy room. It is also a relief not to have that fan whirring away. The soft insect sounds are much preferable to the fan's mechanical noise.

I still feel as though I had a low-grade cold, which is very irritating. I'm accustomed to having my nose and throat feel dessicated in late August and early September, but it is particularly intense this year, and is persisting longer than I recall it having persisted in the past. My hypochondria is now telling me that it is either walking pneumonia or the onset of lung cancer. My experience is telling me it's just a bad allergy season. I wonder which will prove correct? It's the nature of things that, sooner or later, my hypochondria will get one right, after all.

The cat has taken to napping in this room in the evenings, instead of her former favorite spot in the living room. She curls up on the couch a couple of feet away from me. I'm surprised that she is willing to tolerate the bright light from the desk lamp. She's a strange kitty, to suddenly want my company while she naps, after all these years.

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