rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Warning: Fake Red Cross Solicitation E-Mails

Copied from annina_writes

Pass it on!!! Fake Red Cross Solicitations!
ABC news just ran a story that spoof email solicitations for donations to the Red Cross are being emailed to people all over the world. They look just like the Red Cross, right down the to secure site verify logo. If you fill your personal info into the form, which was ripped from the genuine Red Cross site, and then click on the donate button, you've been had; the bad guys have your credit card information. To make it worse, victims are then forwarded to the real Red Cross site, which makes it look even more genuine.

The bottom line? The Red Cross has stated categorically that they NEVER send email solicitations. Never! If you get something like described above, delete it. You may want to forward it first to the FTC's spoof address []. If the crooks are in the U.S. they can be prosecuted, and others turned into the authorities in their respective governments. Thus far spoofs have been traced to third parties in Brazil, Korea, China, and the US. Note: If you forward the emails to the authorities, please copy the addressing information (found in the Message Options in on View, then Message Options, then copy and paste the Internet Headers area).

Please take a moment to pass this on to people in your flist! Thanks!

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