rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


In the movie Day of the Triffids, a meteor shower is the occasion for the invasion of Earth by an alien vegetable race called Triffids. All the humans who watched the meteors were blinded by them, thus allowing the large and rather sluggish broccoli-like creatures to take over the world, until it is discovered that they are delicious with a nice hollandaise.... no, wait- that isn't what happens. Oh, yeah. Turns out they can be destroyed with ordinary sea water. Not surprising. Too much salt on veggies always has unpleasant results.

Anyway, was this apropos of anything in particular? Well, yes. Since watching the Leonids last night I have had a certain loopiness. I'm not going blind, or anything; just feeling lightheaded and goofy. I wonder if there is a connection? Probably I put something out of place in my neck while looking up. Or is that carrot over there actually walking?

PS; I can't believe that, when I just ran spellcheck on this entry, it didn't question triffid. That means somebody actually put that word in the program's dictionary. Cool.


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