rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

September At Last

I keep forgetting to fill the kitty's back porch water dish. She has to come in the house to get a drink. She's going to be very annoyed with me. She'd be even more annoyed if she knew that, for the last couple of nights, another cat has been hanging around while she has napped indoors. It's a big orange cat who apparently has recently moved in up at the closed end of the block. This cat (male, I think) likes to sit in the middle of the street at night. A couple of nights ago I heard a noise across the street, and when I turned on the flashlight there was nothing to be seen there, but this orange cat was sitting in in the street in front of my house, looking at me. I turned the light back off, but I think the cat stayed there for a long time. About an hour later, I was outside again and the motion-sensing yard lights at a house up the block came on, and I saw that the orange cat had triggered them. He was strolling up the street on his way home. I had the feeling that he had been watching my house all that time. I saw him again, a short while ago, by early gray light, sitting in a different part of the street but still looking toward my house. I'm being kitty-stalked!

The sky was extraordinarily clear tonight, and the dense mass of late summer stars sparkled brilliantly. The clarity suggested to me that it may not be pollen of any sort which is causing my low-grade cold symptoms. That leaves as an explanation only an infection of some sort, or some allergen being at large in the house. Maybe I need to change the filter in the air conditioning system. I don't like feeling this crappy, especially when the nights are now so pleasant.

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