rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Frozen Toes

Wow. Still pretty active out there, but cold and windy. I'm typing with numb fingers. A bit before 0200 local time, the sky cleared quite nicely, and for the next hour, as Leo slowly rose above the stand of large trees behind my house, I saw over a hundred bright meteors. Because of the trees here, I can only see about a third of the sky, so I probably missed quite a few. They tended to show up in swarms, several bright streaks appearing a few seconds apart, then a few minutes with only one or two more, then another group clustered together. I finally got tired of craning my neck, and spread some newspaper on the wet lawn, with a blanket over that, but I still got pretty damp. Very uncomfortable, but well worth it. My cats probably think I've gone crazy. They stayed in the warm house, and gave me strange looks when I came back in. I don't think that kitties are interested in celestial phenomena.
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