rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Subtropical Depression

I'm finding it difficult to focus my attention on my placid surroundings, as I am constantly drawn toward that media storm, the eye of which has hovered over the gulf coast for the last few days. My every thought washed away by the flood of images, my displaced mind wanders the wreckage like a refugee, more astonished by each abominable wonder revealed along the route of its unwonted journey. I'm sitting in my air conditioned room, having consumed an ample, cooked dinner, knowing that I will soon take a hot shower, and that there will most likely follow another tranquil night of chirping crickets and soft mountain breezes, but the images from the distant disaster follow me like the memory of some nightmare that can't be shaken off. Nothing can keep me from sensing that bell, tolling, tolling, tolling.

From October, 2001: Scientific American: Drowning New Orleans [ CIVIL ENGINEERING ]
A major hurricane could swamp New Orleans under 20 feet of water, killing thousands. Human activities along the Mississippi River have dramatically increased the risk, and now only massive reengineering of southeastern Louisiana can save the city

For the northeast: The hurricane of 1938. That which has been is that which shall be.

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