rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sultry Again

Very late, a silver sliver of moon rose with a broad grin, giving me the feeling that I was being watched. Desert wind blew from the north, keeping the night warmer than it's been of late. The next several days are all expected to be in the 90s. The stubborn summer intends to hang on as long as possible, even though the oaks have begun to drop their acorns. When gusts blew last night, I could hear the squirrel food clattering down on the metal rooftops of the trailers on the next block. The crickets chirped until first light. Stepping out just after midnight, I thought I heard a distant rumble of thunder, but it turned out to be a passing jet. It feels like an age since I last heard rain.

Whatever virus or airborne irritant is causing my stuffy head and scratchy throat and periodic sneezes persists. It would take very little to convince me that it is the onset of tuberculosis or lung cancer. As neither the broken tooth nor the departed toenail has brought on any infection that would kill me, I must worry about some other fatal malady.

I have an inexplicable craving for orange sherbet. Damn, I wish it would cool off around here!

Also: Mayor says entire city will soon be underwater I'm not watching anymore. I can't look at it.

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