rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Heat persists. The sun has not yet withdrawn its fatwa on California. The thirsty lawn turns brown, the limp sourgrass decays into a tangled mass, and the motionless air smells of dust. I think of the hours I spent stuck in the stuffy classrooms of schools without air conditioning when I was a kid, listening to the clock tick and watching motes swim through shafts of sunlight. I am overwhelmed by the sense of lassitude and ennui. The heat brings back the essence of every boring moment through which I've ever lived. Though I try to call forth more pleasant memories of hot days, none of them remain for long. They are like the ever-receding mirages that appear on the road ahead when you are making some long, dull journey. I'll never get where I'm going.

Using the Internet for distraction, I found that the noted eccentric and health food pioneer Gypsy Boots died on August 8th, shortly before what would have been his 90th birthday. He was a perennial minor celebrity in Los Angeles when I was growing up, and I remember seeing him on several occasions. I hadn't thought of him in years. He was older than my mom, and very much atypical of his generation, a hippy before there were hippies. I'll have to look around the Internet and see if I can find a description of his funeral. Knowing Gypsy's reputation, I'll bet it was very strange.

Also discovered: A seb site called Find Articles. Boasting 10,000,000 articles (dating back as far as 1984, and from a wide variety of paper publications) in its searchable database, it looks to be a very useful resource. Many of the articles are available for free, though some are not. They appear in rather small type, but they run down the center of the pages, so no horizontal scrolling is needed if you enlarge them in your browser. Their search feature is actually pretty well designed.

Time to shower.

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