rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It must have been barbecue night in the neighborhood. The air was redolent of the smell of charred flesh. As far as I know, none of the neighbors belong to fire-worshiping suicide cults, so barbecue is the most likely explanation. I can't be sure, though, as I was not invited to whatever event was taking place. My ignorance thus leaves me free to speculate. It's entirely possible that my fellow citizens are even now feasting on morsels of roasted human flesh. The government ought to keep an eye on them. There. That will teach them to leave me out of their celebrations!

The moonlight has a curious blue cast to it tonight. It must be a result of the thin haze hanging in the air. The moon itself shows its usual pale face. It's going to be bright out there again. It would be a good night for spotting nocturnal beasts, but they've been scarce recently. The deer have already stripped most of the local rose bushes of their flowers, and nobody planted any pansies for them to munch this year, so I guess they have crossed this block off their list of places to browse. I don't expect the deer to visit too often anyway, but the absence of raccoons is puzzling. In summer they are usually abundant, but this year I've seen very few of them. I've smelled skunks nearby a few times, but I've only spotted one. Maybe the animals know something I don't.

I've run out of bandages for my toe. Careless of me. The sock I'm wearing is slightly abrasive, and I fear that a blister might form on the soft flesh no longer protected by a nail. I could go barefoot, I suppose, but then the toe would be exposed not only to stray dirt that might be floating around, but to further damage should I happen to drop anything on it. (Yes, I'm a klutz.) Best that it remain shod, I guess, despite the irritation. Must get more bandages tomorrow.

I've got the feeling that this night is going to be dull. Maybe I'll go see if anything new has been added to the OnDemand TV menu. It's getting uncomfortable sitting in front of this computer.

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