rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In or Out?

Ah, the old late summer conundrum. The night is nice and cool, but the house is still hot. Would I be justified in running the power-hog air conditioner for a couple of hours, so as to be comfortable now, when all I need to do is be patient and the house will probably cool off by two or three o'clock in the morning even if I don't run it? The most annoying thing is that, if the house had been properly designed for the climate, and well-insulated, there wouldn't be a problem. The house is stuck in the 1950s, when electricity was dirt cheap, and I'm stuck in the 21st century, when the monthly power bill drains away a small fortune. The silver (or, these days, nickle-clad copper) lining is that leaving the house hot and saving the money is a bit like being paid to go outdoors to be comfortable. I get next to nothing done when I'm outside, of course. I sit and watch the stars and the moon, and maybe think of a few novel phrases with which to them, and that's about it. But I save a couple of $. Oh, hell. Why am I even debating with myself? I know I'm going out. Poor Internets will have to get along without me.
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