rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Lost Toenail Squick!

Way Too Much Information

My right big toe nail finally came off- well, most of it did. There's still about an eighth of an inch of it clinging on. This was the nail which was ingrown when I was a kid and had to be cut out, and then never fully returned to normal. It was always a bit disconnected on the side where it had been ingrown. A couple of years ago, it apparently picked up a nail fungus from the toe next to it, and since then it has gradually lifted up and gotten a bit gross. I've been expecting it to drop off for several days now. When I put my socks on after showering tonight, I felt the nail slip in between my toes. It didn't really hurt, but I'm totally squicked. I don't want to examine it too closely. I know there was a bunch of stuff under the nail, and I'm sure it's going to look disgusting.

Nails are supposed to grow back, right? I suppose I should put something on it, like disinfectant or something. I'll probably get gangrene and die, if I don't. My hypochondria is making me very queasy. Stupid toenail.

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