rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sunday is a Dull Day

So, what I'm wondering is, if Christopher Walken is elected president, will we dominate the world by creeping it out? Ooh, I hope he chooses Jay Mohr as his running mate!

I just spent a couple of minutes watching a squirrel that was in the mulberry tree. It was chewing the bark, or something under the bark, or something growing on the bark. Do squirrels eat bark? It's hard to see through this window when the afternoon sun is glaring on it. I just realized that the screen is so full of dust that it's a wonder any air gets into the room at all. Must get that cleaned.

I finally broke down and bought CD compilations of the 1960s recordings of Satie's piano works by Aldo Ciccolini and the 1950s recordings of Debussy's piano works by Walter Gieseking, despite the fact that they are released by EMI. Each CD label bears the line "Unauthorized duplication, lending, public performances and broadcasting of this record prohibited." Unauthorized lending! "Sorry, Aunt Maude. I can't lend you any of my records. It's illegal now!" I actually have both performances on LP, but have long coveted the convenience of having them on CD format (and the ability to actually listen to them, as I have no functioning turntable.) Ah, well. The snaky conglomerate will probably disintegrate in a few years anyway.

Too hot today. It's supposed to cool nicely by Wednesday, though. Cool.

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