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WWW pioneer Tim Berners-Lee manages to talk about teh Internets, the human condition, and weblogs (he likes them) while answering some very stupid questions from BBC interviewer Mark Lawson. (What are they putting in the water at the Beeb? Lawson is almost thick enough, impertinent enough, and asinine enough to have a blathering heads show on Fox News or CNN.) A fairly brief article.

The tooth is a bit less sensitive today. I think it will be OK once the actual crown is seated, in two weeks. In the meantime, I have to be very careful not to do anything that would cause the temporary to pop off. I know from the sensitivity of the nerve with the temporary that such an event would be excruciating.

Though it has been hot again today, there were at least some nice cirrus clouds to watch. I only wish that I had more shady spots from which to watch them.

Because the peak of the Perseid meteor shower (goatloads of information on that page) in North America will be during daylight on Friday, the hours from moonset (somewhat before midnight) until dawn tonight and tomorrow will be the best time to see them here. I guess that means that the best views from Europe will be from late Friday into early Saturday morning, when the shower will be near its peak. I spent some time watching last night, but didn't see anything. I hope for better luck tonight.

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