rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


These unintentional naps I've been taking in front of the television are not good. I wake up with a sore neck and an inexplicable urge to buy feminine hygiene products and light beer. I waste half the night, and then I can't get to sleep when I actually go to bed.

Black widow spiders are turning up around the place again. I terminated one on the back porch, where it had strung its web from the chair in which my cat likes to nap. I was quite displeased by that spider. Black widows are not the sort of spider that I welcome, especially when they ensconce themselves in places where my cat is apt to run into them.

The unintentional nap (or the crick in my neck in which it resulted) has given me a bit of headache, too. I'll stick it on a pillow right away.

Puffy white clouds this morning.

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