rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It occurs to me that I haven't downloaded the journal for about three months now. If Seattle were to be buried in lava or engulfed in a tidal wave tonight, destroying the LJ servers, those months would be lost forever. Seattle would be gone, too, of course, which would be too bad, but heck... my journal! I need to get around to fetching it.

My moth is back. I don't know where it hid itself all day, or why it waited until eleven o'clock to emerge, but it has just appeared, spiraling into the lamp repeatedly until it finally decided that it had had enough and just parked itself on the grill cloth of my tiny speaker. It looks nice there. The moth itself is mostly shades of brown, running from almost gray to almost black, so the black background suits it. My moth must be style-conscious.

Its forelegs are interesting. Soft scales extend part way down from the body, making it look as though it had its sleeves rolled up. That's kind of butch. Either its a tough moth, or it wants me to think that its a tough moth. The antennae are very long, and arch out in shallow curves, like a pair of eyelashes. That's not very butch at all. This moth clearly has identity issues.

The weather was a rerun. We get a lot of those this time of year. I putzed around all evening and got next to nothing done. Now it's time to make peanut butter on toast and watch a movie, I think. The Internet will probably still be here when I get back. If not, well... it's been fun.

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