rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time Flies When You're Having (a) Fun (b) Conniptions

A large moth has entered the house. Attracted by the lights of my desk lamp and my monitor, it has spent much of the night fluttering about my face. I'm probably covered with moth-dust now. I don't like to swat at it, as (as I said) it is a LARGE moth, and could make quite a mess if I actually smacked it. It's a pretty moth, in any case, so I don't really want it dead. I tried turning off the lights and then luring it away to another room with a flashlight beam, but it was stubborn and refused to follow.

I think it is waiting for me to turn my back, and then it will use my computer to surf moth-porn sites. A couple of times it has decided to land on the corner of the monitor and rest for moment or two. Just sitting there, I must admit, it makes a rather attractive decoration. If it would only stay put, I'd probably grow as fond of it as I did of my late and not-at-all-bothersome spider. But it insists on fluttering about, and it's driving me to distraction. I miss my spider.

Other than this, the night has been placid. Without the moon to blanch the sky, the Milky Way was quite impressive. Mars is now fairly bright, and reaches its zenith just before morning light begins creeping up. The summer night sky is an enjoyable sight, and all the more pleasant when, as tonight, the air is cool. Also, the entire time I was watching it, I was not molested by a single moth.

Oh, sunlight. Time to not be doing this.

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