rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

There was an announcement in featureannounce about a recent bugfix:
"A fix so users of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh no longer experience problems using QuickReply on comment pages."
That may explain why, for the last couple of weeks, QuickReply has been broken in Opera. Well, broken may not be exactly the right word. Gone altogether is what it is. I can still get it in Firefox, but not in Opera. Fixing the bug in Explorer for Mac (and why on earth would anybody with a Mac want to use Exploder?) has apparently screwed up the feature for everybody who uses Opera. I suppose I'll bitch to Support about it.

Another freaking hot day. I'm quite sure that all the fluids in my brain have boiled away by now. It's probably pruned up in there. I'm afraid to shake my head, because I might hear it rattle. I swear that if I make it through this summer alive, I'll never complain about winter again until next winter!

To hot to think. I'll go watch undemanding television now.

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