rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I hear the car turn in the drive and the smack of the morning paper on the driveway. It's the world arriving! Before going out, I turn off the living room lights and stand for a minute, adjusting to the darkness. Outside, the moonless night is dense. Uncertain exactly where my foot will fall, I step slowly, rather than break the perfect dark with a flashlight beam. I touch the familiar shrubs and invisible lamp post, feel the verge of the lawn with my toes. What crunches underfoot as I make my way down the walk might be dried leaf, or might be an unlucky insect or night-crawler. Reaching the driveway, I use that more light-sensitive spot toward the corner of my eye to try to see where the faint white form of the newspaper lies.

After a while I sense a paleness against the dark asphalt, and seek it out with my toe. The paper slides a bit, its rubber band twanging slightly as it scrapes the hard surface. I pick it up. Now I can use the paper as a feeler, holding it out to avoid colliding with either the lamp post or the bush as I find my way back to the front porch. The sky is sprinkled with stars, and the surrounding trees loom as ragged voids in dim night. My footsteps stilled, there is utter silence. It seems that not even the keenest sighted beasts have ventured out tonight. No dog has barked for hours.

After a while, I go back into the house and,not wanting to stumble over furniture, light a lamp. Its pale light is improbably bright. I toss the newspaper on a table, unread. I no longer care that the world has arrived.

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