rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Later and Later

There's been another slippage in my sleep pattern. I didn't wake up until after four o'clock today. Maybe I shouldn't have killed my alarm fly.

But I have peaches. They are finally fully ripe. The birds got to a few of them, but there are still a few dozen that are unpecked, unbruised, and very tasty. As they all ripened about the same time, we'll have to use them up within a few days. They aren't the best peaches the tree has ever produced, but this is the largest crop we've ever had, and they are certainly better than the costly fruits in the supermarkets. I like to slice them, marinate them for a few hours in black cherry juice, and pour half-and-half over them. Mmm, cherried peaches and cream.

We've got the air conditioner running again. The chances of meeting the goal of a 20% reduction in energy consumption this summer are pretty much gone. No rebate in October. Rats.

There's a fascinating article from the latest Scientific American (via sciam) about the development of symbolic thinking in children:
Scientific American: Mindful of Symbols [ PSYCHOLOGY ]
On the way to learning that one thing can represent another, young children often conflate the real item and its symbol. These errors show how difficult it is to start thinking symbolically

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